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Pampered Menial

Original Record Label: ABC Dunhill - 1975

Re-released by: Columbia

Re-released as an import CD by: Columbia

Personnel: David Surkamp - lead vocals, guitar, David Hamilton - Keyboards, Doug Rayburn - mellotron, flute, Mike Safron - percussion, Rick Stockton - bass guitar, Siegfried Carver - violin, vitar, viola, Steve Scorfina - lead guitar


Julia 3:12

Late November 3:13

Song Dance 5:01

Fast Gun 3:04

Natchez Trace 3:43

Theme From Subway Sue 4:25

Episode 4:08

Preludin 1:37

Of Once and Future Kings 5:32

This was Pavlov's Dog first (and best album, in my opinion). The songs "Julia" and "Theme From Subway Sue" received the most airplay. There was also a promotional copy of the song "Theme From Subway Sue" which contained a different mix and was about one minute longer.

This album was originally released on ABC Dunhill records. At the time the band was signed, they received a $600,000 advance from ABC. This was a record advance for any new group signed. Of course, remember that this was 1974. The band then switched labels for their second album and Columbia re-released Pampered Menial. This album was re-released as an import CD by Columbia records in a two-fer pack with their second album, At the Sound of the Bell.

When the album came out, people either loved or hated David Surkamp's voice. His voice has even been compared to Geddy Lee of Rush due to his ability to hit those "high notes". The songs on the album were somewhat unique since they combined the use of the mellotron and the violin. The music contained on this album is excellent. This is one of the few albums that I frequently listen to straight through - start to finish.

Lyrics to the songs on this album are now available on the new Song Lyrics page.

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